Dating and the orthodox church

Religious officials have said it is a sin for a woman to be seen in the sacred building in Gari, Tatarstan (pictured) without a veil or scarf let alone in a half-transparent dress and revealing lingerie The Russian Investigative Committee - seen as equivalent of the FBI - announced it has launched a probe into the shoot.Potentially, the model, photographers and editors of the magazine - Sovet da lyubov - can be handed three year jail sentences.Today, it has campuses in Alexandria, Cairo, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, where priests-to-be and other qualified men and women are taught among other subjects Christian theology, history, Coptic language and art---including chanting, music, iconography, tapestry etc.Monasticism was born in Egypt and was instrumental in the formation of the Coptic Church's character of submission and humbleness, thanks to the teachings and writings of the Great Fathers of Egypt's Deserts.Monasticism started in the last years of the third century and flourished in the fourth century.Saint Anthony, the world's first Christian monk was a Copt from Upper Egypt.D., and a fragment of the Gospel of Saint John, written using the Coptic language, which was found in Upper Egypt and can be dated to the first half of the second century.The Coptic Church, which is now more than nineteen centuries old, was the subject of many prophecies in the Old Testament.

Many scholars such as Saint Jerome visited the school of Alexandria to exchange ideas and to communicate directly with its scholars.He was one of the four evangelists and the one who wrote the oldest canonical gospel.Christianity spread throughout Egypt within half a century of Saint Mark's arrival in Alexandria as is clear from the New Testament writings found in Bahnasa, in Middle Egypt, which date around the year 200 A.The Nicene Creed, which is recited in all churches throughout the world, has been authored by one of its favorite sons, Saint Athanasius, the Pope of Alexandria for 46 years, from 327 A. From the beginning, it played a central role in Christian theology---and especially to protect it from the Gnostics heresies.The Coptic Church produced thousands of texts, biblical and theological studies which are important resources for archeology.

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Isaiah the prophet, in Chapter 19, Verse 19 says Although fully integrated into the body of the modern Egyptian nation, the Copts have survived as a strong religious entity who pride themselves on their contribution to the Christian world. This status is well deserved, after all, Egypt was the refuge that the Holy Family sought in its flight from Judea: "When he arose, he took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, "Out of Egypt I called My Son" [Mathew -23].

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