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They have earned over 1.1 million followers on their Ar’mon And Trey Instagram account.

They previously garnered a significant following on Vine and they also share You Tube, Twitter and You Now accounts.

Anyone who has seen saxophonist Redman play live will know what a star he is, but the recording career has been offering diminishing returns for a while now.

This unusual double trio setting, using bassists Larry Grenadier and Reuben Rogers, together with drummers Greg Hutchinson and Brian Blade, sometimes all playing together, is at least relatively free and adventurous.

I expected, however, that a live performance at the Jazz Café would light the touchpaper to the fire I felt was lacking.

Here, with Jeff Ballard replacing Blade, the trio played a series of airtight grooves.

He used a variety of sounds and keyboards, some sections strongly reminiscent of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters-era Rhodes piano, others of Joe Zawinul's fluty keening.Harris was different, though; with his dry, percussive laugh, shaven head and mean face, he was the kind of character you would not want to cross. As the Mingus tune goes, "Better Git it in Your Soul".Redman, on the other hand, would probably cross the road to help an old lady with her shopping. If you were to put together an identikit saxophonist, you could hardly do better than Redman. In 1991, he won the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition. School Picture Day is just around the corner, and Muffy wants to make sure Francine has a photo to be proud off, unlike last year's.

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