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Round versions of cylindrical lenses also require a different kind of processing.The process of centering a cylindrical lens is very demanding mainly because this type of lens doesn’t have the spherical symmetry that a spherical lens has.Spherical lenses are easy to identify because the surface of part of it has the shape of a sphere.In fact, the curved portion of a spherical lens looks like a section that is cut from a sphere.However, there are some critical differences which must be clearly laid out in order to fabricate effective and durable cylinder and spherical lenses. spherical lenses Before we get to the difference in the fabrication of cylindrical and spherical lenses, it is important to understand how both work.

There are certain aspects of the production stages such as grinding and polishing where the same techniques will be employed when dealing with both types of lenses.This type of lens focuses incoming light in only a single dimension.It’s used in any application that requires focusing, condensing and expanding of incoming light.The actual processing Cylindrical and spherical lenses react differently to stress, strain, and pressure.For this reason, the processing varies greatly when fabricating cylindrical and spherical lenses.

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The equipment used The process of grinding and polishing cylindrical optics and spherical lenses doesn’t employ the same equipment.

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