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There are several ways to register to the service: 1.If your company decided to provision your account for you, this could be done via automatic provisioning and you should receive a registration confirmation email from AT&T Teleconferencing Services. Another option is to call AT&T Teleconferencing Customer Care and registering yourself.Unless you have changed it, this password should be available in your Registration Confirmation email.To learn more about changing your account profile (including features), click here.Top AT&T Connect web conferencing hosts should set up the Participant Application upon the receipt of the Teleconference Registration Confirmation and click on the appropriate link.

Click on the “Return to catalog” to view the catalog page and enter the event again.

The Web Participant runs in the most popular browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Top To avoid having your browser launch the security certificate every time you connect to an AT&T Connect event with the Participant application, we strongly recommend selecting the “trust content from AT&T (Connect)” box.

However, if you connect to the Internet , you may choose to minimize the AOL browser and use Internet Explorer to attend the event.

Alternatively, to access the ICC with a Firefox, you can use plug-ins available on the Internet such as from: Upon connecting to an event, an event overview page is displayed if no other item is currently loaded to the whiteboard.

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