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Thanks, JT Mon, April 19, 2010 @ PM I was diagnosed in November 2009 with HH, genetic, homozygous for the C282(? My ferritin is currently 2600, serum saturation of 90% and elevated iron and liver values.I am having phelobotomy treatment once a week right now.i dont know to much about it and i sure dont want to pester my doctor about it.he has prescribed me ferrous fumarate tablets 210mg to be taken 3 times a day and has refered me to see a gastrologist.the truth is i feel 10 times worse on the tablets and im finding it really difficult to take them.

Many people do not understand the term iron avidity, which simply means that your body is "avid for iron"; put another way, your body is wanting iron. Mon, March 15, 2010 @ PM Kathleen, I have no medical knowledge, but my Mother had a similar issue for many years.Sun, March 28, 2010 @ PM Many hemochromatosis patients donate blood at ARC centers.It is not necessary to mention that you have hemochromatosis (HHC), because HHC is not a blood disease. So long as you have no other eligibility issues your blood can be used for transfusion.The reason your body wants iron is because it is either iron deficient or some gene mutation is doing what it is programmed to do: load iron. And when I eat to much food that is iron rich I often feel very weak and incedibly tired. But would like to learn more about this and even if there is an actual name for what I have. She had Pernicious Anemia, I think that's when the body does not absorb B12...which may be linked to the absorption of iron.In the latter, people with hemochromatosis are highly vulnerable to being iron avid, mostly because many are overbled from too many phlebotomies. I am not anemic in the sense that i can take iron supplements. They now have a dissolvable tablet available instead of injections.

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